Special mobile featuresΒΆ

Go Mobile can enable and disable special site features based on the used mobile browser.

Below are some examples

  • Page visuals and CSS are adjusted for

    • Low end phones and proprietary browser. These are usually non-HTML compliant browsers used in sub 100$ device class
    • Webkit and Gecko based high end smartphone browsers (Mobile Safari, Fennec)
  • Direct to-call or save-to-contacts phone number links are provided in two formats: Nokia compatible and iPhone/Android compatible

  • Navigation information and position-of-interests are as downloadable files or Google Maps links depending on what the handset supports

  • Images are resized ::doc`resized </usermanual/resizing>` based on the handset

  • Both touch and keypad based navigation are supported. Padding is added to make links easily touchable.

For more information see mobile.heurestics Python package.