How mFabrik Web and Mobile multichannel CMS will solve your mobile publishing and content management needs.



Web and Mobile is an add-on product to add multichannel publishing features to Plone content management system.

The best technology

Plone is an add-on for award-winning, open source CMS. Web and Mobile turns it to a multichannel publishing platform.

You can leverage hundreds of existing Plone add-on products in multichannel publishing easily: blogs, forums, polls, intranets, enterprise network authentication...

The best usability

Web and Mobile provides optimal mobile browsing experience for your site visitors. You can have single URL address for web and mobile site - the user will be catered correctly no matter on which device or browser is being used. Web and Mobile supports thousands of mobile phones models, and is not limited to smarthphones only.

Publish to different medias have been made easy. Multichannel and convergence features allow you to make different versions of the same content for web and mobile. Mobile browser preview allows you to see how the page will look on the mobile when you are still writing it

The best code

Web and Mobile have high quality extensible Python code base with test suite over hundred automatic tests. Many of modules are generic in nature and can be used outside Web and Mobile. The code is extensively documented and commented.

You can build themes which will compatible for different mobile phone models.

Open source

Open source license guarantees that you are free from vendor lock. Developers with Python and Plone experience can easily pick up with the codebase.