License and open source contributions

All material is licensed under GPL 2 license.

All material is copyrighted or relicensable by mFabrik Research Oy.

For more information, see the contribution agreement.

This covers:

  • gomobile.* Python packages
  • gomobiletheme.* Python packages
  • mobile.* Python packages
  • mfabrik.* Python packages


This project do not distribute code for the following projects, but may have features depending on the availability of their code

  • Plone <> is copyrighted by Plone Foundation and licensed under GPL 2 license
  • vobject is available under Apache 2 license
  • lxml is available under BSD license
  • Wurlf device database does not fall under copyright according to the authors
  • Pywurlf is copyrighted by David Necas & co. and distributed under LGPL license
  • Python Imaging Library is available under Python (MIT style) license
  • Zope is available under Zope Public License
  • Python-Levenshtein package is disributed under GPL 2 license