Search engine optimizations

Go Mobile utilizes various search engine optimization techniques to make your site be found easier. Most of them are defaukt Plone behavior, some mobile specific are added in to the mix.

User friendly URLs

Plone automatically generates human friendly URLs based on page titles.

Title and other META tags

Page titles are visible in the search engine listing.

Additional add-on products, like Plone SEO, can be used to fine tune META information to include keywords, descriptions and Dublin Core metadata.

Sitemap submission

Sitemap file (sitemap.xml.gz) can be submitted to the search engines to make the content be searchable faster and more accurately.

Please see Mobile Sitemap protocol


Best practice robots.txt exist to be used on your site.

Contact form, language switching link and internal search results are culled out from the search engine listings.


Google Analytics crawler bot (googlebot) expects mobile content to be XHTML. XHTML is enabled by default for the crawler bots. However, you must be sure that your publicly served content is XHTML valid.