Multichannel publishing


Fine-tuning content publishing settings for multichannel


With Convergence add-on you can fine tune how your content is published across web and mobile medias.

You can choose publication channels

  • On one content item level (one page)
  • On folder level (one part of the site, folder and all its child content)
  • On field level (different text on one field)

Web and Mobile defines mobile aware options (i.e. mobile behavior) for each content item.

These options are different whether you are doing

  • Mobile publishing only (Web and Mobile add-on installed)
  • Mixed mobile and web publishing (Web and Mobile + Web and Mobile Convergence add-ons installed)

Mobile options

These are available on every content item using Mobile options link in the Actions menu of the content item (see green menu bar).


If you have hidden plone.belowcontentbody viewlet manager, none of document actions link is visible. You need to make this viewlet visible using Plone's @@manage-viewlets mechanism.

Mobile folder listing

If enabled, show automatic mobile folder listing on this page. All child content items are listed in "Here you can also find:" section below the page content, before the footer.

If the page is not folderish, the items of parent folder are listed here.

Default is on.

Appear in mobile folder listing

You can hide certain content items from mobile folder listing.

Defualt is on, appears.

Convergence options

These additional options are available if you have installed Convergence add-on.

Content media

You can choose whether this content is availble on

  • web
  • mobile
  • both

Default is both.

This affects to

  • Folder listing
  • Sitemap
  • Search results

Content overrides

You can define field level overrides to make content differ on web and mobile.

Web and Mobile Convergence supports this for the following content types by default

  • Page

You can override fields texts

  • Title
  • Description
  • Body text