Previewing the mobile site


Go Mobile gives you a single click preview to see how your site will look on a mobile screen-

The site is fully navigable in the preview mode

  • You can move from the page to another
  • You can fill in forms and do HTTP posts

Background on preview technology

Mobile preview is implemented using HTML IFRAME and AJAX technologies. It might not give you 100% accurate preview. However, you can expect to iron out 90% of content related mobile issues with the preview functionality.

Preview and login

Preview pages are delivered using special preview hostname like

The difference between previewed pages and mobile pages from actual domain is that preview pages contain a cross-site Javascript snippet to bootstrap the simulator IFRAME.

Since IFRAME loads from subdomain, your authentication mechanism must support subdomains. product modifies Plone login mechanism so that your cookie is effective for * hostnames.


If you login using Zope HTTP Auth login and use preview you cannot preview unpublished pages. Instead, a login prompt is displayed in the simulator.